An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands

I was a shitty husband. And it’s not because I’m a massive jerk, or abusive, or particularly difficult to get along with. I was a shitty husband because I didn’t respect my wife&#…

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At Wilkes Barre Scranton Pens game




At her first Horse camp. She had so much fun.  And has gone many times since. 


Veterans day parade 2013


This past August!  After I finally got to see her again since her mother kept her from me for over two months.  Was the hardest thing I ever went thru.  I am stronger now.  And it is still Ava Daddy Team forever.

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UFC PPV 195 Recap


What a great night of fights.  I did pretty good to start off the new year.  I went 7/12 in both Tapology, and Ufc Pick’em.

There we a lot of decisions on the under card, all good fights.  Some bad judging in my book.  Soto should have won and so should have Noke.   Just like I said in my write up, Poirier Vs Duffy was amazing.  Both guys came out swinging, Dustin with the take downs and sub attempts.  It was a blood bath though and though.  Dustin looks so good at 155.  I’d like to see him face the  winner of the Cowboy vs Dirty Bird match up in Pittsburg coming up. You got to love Stipe Knocking out AA. Stile is such an amazing student of all MMA. He is so new to the sport, but ever evolving. Most see him as always an underdog. He seems to silence them all the time with his work! I for one thought he did enough to beat JDS, damn judges. None the less he will get his title shot coming up. The main event saw two guys at the top of their game. As I said before I wanted Carlos Condit to win,some thought he did enough to win. Again the judges didn’t think that way. So same champ, big up to the also ever changing Robbie Lawler.
Hope you all enjoyed the fights. Next up January 17th Boston, Dominick Cruz vs the champ TJ Dillashaw.

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SEE YA 2015-BRING ON 2016


So long to 2015. 2015 was a rough year for me. Many ups and downs, many learning and growing.

Leaving a job where I was for almost 8 years, to a new job. And boy do I love my new job. Been there almost 8 months now. I wish I would have found it many years ago.

Then there was a period of a couple months where mu daughter was kept from me by my ex-wife. That was really the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I am a great father, I love my daughter more than anything in this world. Her birthday is in December I always told her when she was smaller she was the best Christmas gift from god. Now after seeing her again I am finally happy again. It is so hard to fine happiness I myself. I always hear that true happiness comes from with in ones self. Very hard to do for anyone. I find myself the happiness when I am with my daughter, and being a father. I felt like a zombie at work walking around in a daze. Crying and falling apart at work, driving to work trying to fall asleep. Was very hard to get through for me. I did though with help of my Family girlfriend and friends.

With all of that in 2015 I have learned so much. Learned and myself, learned about others. Learned who I can trust and who I cannot trust. I learned I am an amazingly strong person, stronger than I ever realized. I learned to trust in god. In 2015 I Lived, I learned, I Loved, and I have grown as a person.

So bring on 2016, I am ready for a great New Year! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. May you all live, learn, love, and grow.

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Well let’s see if I can start off the new year off right with some correct picks.  Cause I just shit the bed all around last time.  Really great card here.  My only disappointment is having Poirier VS Duffy on Fight Pass.  This for sure is a Main Card fight, they were to headline the Ireland card.  Before Duffy got hurt, and the fight got pulled.  I think we will see this more and more from the UFC.  Putting bigger names on Fight Pass, like the announcement of Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping.  This is the biggest fight to ever be a Fight Pass main event.  Clearly UFC will push these has to get fans to buy into the service for $9.95 a month.  Moving a long this is a great card from top to bottom.  I will catch some of the fights.  It is hard having a family and getting to watch every fight on a card like I did before.  Watch every fight drink lots beer drunk Tweet on Twitter.  Much fun was had.

I would love to see Carlos Condit become Champ again.  One of my favs, he is so tough and brutal.  If you are looking for a Carlos Condit autograph, I am your man.  I have a Headrush T-shirt autographed by the soon to be Champ for sale.

Her are my picks for the Pick um game on the UFC site.  Both are fun to pick fights for free, and have prizes too.

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Watch “The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale Of New York (Official Video)” on YouTube

My favorite Christmas song of all time.  Take the time to listen and listen to the words.
Have a great Christmas. Smile, Love and Enjoy the Sprint of Christmas.

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As a child we all wait and wait for Christmas.  After Thanksgiving we would sit in the classroom thinking about Christmas and when is Christmas break.  Always seemed to take forever.  Talking to our friends about what we think we will get, and what we want to get. 
It was the best time of the year.  Making memories with the family.  Setting up the tree at home, thinking about each and every ornament hung on the tree.  Who made this one, when did we get this one, this one is special to me I want to put it on the tree.  Hang lights outside with Dad, always a frustrating project.  Still a memory of Christmas I am sure we all can relate to.  Christmas concerts at school, singing songs on the bus home from school.  Baking cookies with Mom, with chocolate chip, and sprinkle cutout cookies of course.  Making lists for Santa and trying so hard to be good to stay on Santa’s nice list.   So excited and anxious for the one night of tossing and turning in sleep of wonder of what will be under the tree. 

For my family it would always be Christmas Eve church at my Father’s church then to my great grandparents with family and snacks and treats.  Then off the midnight mass at my mom’s church.  Then home for late night bedtime.  Always try to stay up to see if I could hear anything landing on the roof of the house.  Up I  the morning to see what the Jolly Fat Man left for us.  Always a blessed day with more time with family and gifts.  Looking back, such amazing memories of Christmas.
As an adult with children now Christmas is very different.  Now I am the one who is trying to make Christmas special for my daughter, and my step children.   I want them to have memories and to look back when they are older they way I do.  Christmas is more than tearing open gifts.  Christmas is about God’s gift to us of his son Jesus.  To love and give to others.  Merry Christmas to all.


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