UFC PPV 195 Recap



What a great night of fights.  I did pretty good to start off the new year.  I went 7/12 in both Tapology, and Ufc Pick’em.

There we a lot of decisions on the under card, all good fights.  Some bad judging in my book.  Soto should have won and so should have Noke.   Just like I said in my write up, Poirier Vs Duffy was amazing.  Both guys came out swinging, Dustin with the take downs and sub attempts.  It was a blood bath though and though.  Dustin looks so good at 155.  I’d like to see him face the  winner of the Cowboy vs Dirty Bird match up in Pittsburg coming up. You got to love Stipe Knocking out AA. Stile is such an amazing student of all MMA. He is so new to the sport, but ever evolving. Most see him as always an underdog. He seems to silence them all the time with his work! I for one thought he did enough to beat JDS, damn judges. None the less he will get his title shot coming up. The main event saw two guys at the top of their game. As I said before I wanted Carlos Condit to win,some thought he did enough to win. Again the judges didn’t think that way. So same champ, big up to the also ever changing Robbie Lawler.
Hope you all enjoyed the fights. Next up January 17th Boston, Dominick Cruz vs the champ TJ Dillashaw.


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