Well let’s see if I can start off the new year off right with some correct picks.  Cause I just shit the bed all around last time.  Really great card here.  My only disappointment is having Poirier VS Duffy on Fight Pass.  This for sure is a Main Card fight, they were to headline the Ireland card.  Before Duffy got hurt, and the fight got pulled.  I think we will see this more and more from the UFC.  Putting bigger names on Fight Pass, like the announcement of Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping.  This is the biggest fight to ever be a Fight Pass main event.  Clearly UFC will push these has to get fans to buy into the service for $9.95 a month.  Moving a long this is a great card from top to bottom.  I will catch some of the fights.  It is hard having a family and getting to watch every fight on a card like I did before.  Watch every fight drink lots beer drunk Tweet on Twitter.  Much fun was had.

I would love to see Carlos Condit become Champ again.  One of my favs, he is so tough and brutal.  If you are looking for a Carlos Condit autograph, I am your man.  I have a Headrush T-shirt autographed by the soon to be Champ for sale.


Her are my picks for the Pick um game on the UFC site.  Both are fun to pick fights for free, and have prizes too.


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