SEE YA 2015-BRING ON 2016


So long to 2015. 2015 was a rough year for me. Many ups and downs, many learning and growing.

Leaving a job where I was for almost 8 years, to a new job. And boy do I love my new job. Been there almost 8 months now. I wish I would have found it many years ago.

Then there was a period of a couple months where mu daughter was kept from me by my ex-wife. That was really the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I am a great father, I love my daughter more than anything in this world. Her birthday is in December I always told her when she was smaller she was the best Christmas gift from god. Now after seeing her again I am finally happy again. It is so hard to fine happiness I myself. I always hear that true happiness comes from with in ones self. Very hard to do for anyone. I find myself the happiness when I am with my daughter, and being a father. I felt like a zombie at work walking around in a daze. Crying and falling apart at work, driving to work trying to fall asleep. Was very hard to get through for me. I did though with help of my Family girlfriend and friends.

With all of that in 2015 I have learned so much. Learned and myself, learned about others. Learned who I can trust and who I cannot trust. I learned I am an amazingly strong person, stronger than I ever realized. I learned to trust in god. In 2015 I Lived, I learned, I Loved, and I have grown as a person.

So bring on 2016, I am ready for a great New Year! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. May you all live, learn, love, and grow.


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Keeper of the Stars. Thought are my own. Thoughts on everything about everything.
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