As a child we all wait and wait for Christmas.  After Thanksgiving we would sit in the classroom thinking about Christmas and when is Christmas break.  Always seemed to take forever.  Talking to our friends about what we think we will get, and what we want to get. 
It was the best time of the year.  Making memories with the family.  Setting up the tree at home, thinking about each and every ornament hung on the tree.  Who made this one, when did we get this one, this one is special to me I want to put it on the tree.  Hang lights outside with Dad, always a frustrating project.  Still a memory of Christmas I am sure we all can relate to.  Christmas concerts at school, singing songs on the bus home from school.  Baking cookies with Mom, with chocolate chip, and sprinkle cutout cookies of course.  Making lists for Santa and trying so hard to be good to stay on Santa’s nice list.   So excited and anxious for the one night of tossing and turning in sleep of wonder of what will be under the tree. 

For my family it would always be Christmas Eve church at my Father’s church then to my great grandparents with family and snacks and treats.  Then off the midnight mass at my mom’s church.  Then home for late night bedtime.  Always try to stay up to see if I could hear anything landing on the roof of the house.  Up I  the morning to see what the Jolly Fat Man left for us.  Always a blessed day with more time with family and gifts.  Looking back, such amazing memories of Christmas.
As an adult with children now Christmas is very different.  Now I am the one who is trying to make Christmas special for my daughter, and my step children.   I want them to have memories and to look back when they are older they way I do.  Christmas is more than tearing open gifts.  Christmas is about God’s gift to us of his son Jesus.  To love and give to others.  Merry Christmas to all.



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