A True Merry Christmas!


So hard to think Christmas is a week away!  The time really has flown by since Thanksgiving.  It is so hard this time of year to just enjoy the holiday’s.  Between work and kids in school, shopping and wrapping there is never enough time.  Time to enjoy the family and friends, time enjoy the lights. I have been really struggling this year with Christmas. Struggling to find a balance of everything above. Struggling somehow someway to have money for gifts for my girls and my girlfriend. Not to mention the rest of my Family and friends. I am a very giving person, most of the time to much. So hard to do when I struggle everyday to make ends meet. I want so much for the ones I love to have the best Christmas ever. While I struggle inside with why, why do I have to struggle? I guess to make me the person I am today?
Today was the first time it felt like Christmas for and to me. After Church we went Caroling to shut ins that can’t make it to Church. It felt so amazing to see the smiles on their faces, the tears rolling down their faces. Tear of joy, that people would go out of the way to do good for them. Tears happiness that they are loved by other’s. The smiles we all saw today will always be in our hearts forever. The real true meaning of Christmas. To give to others as god gave us his son on Christmas. To want to give and not want. All to much Christmas has become a wanting from other’s of material things. I would take giving to someone rather than wanting anything. Most of the things people want and ask for, they don’t need. Love, caring, and compassion are some of the best gifts anyone could give to another person. I would take someone giving me these things over material possessions any day. I don’t need a new movie or video game to be happy. I want see other’s smiling from the love we give back. Those smiles and tears I gave and saw today are the greats gifts I could ask for. That is the true real meaning of Christmas.


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