A True Merry Christmas!


So hard to think Christmas is a week away!  The time really has flown by since Thanksgiving.  It is so hard this time of year to just enjoy the holiday’s.  Between work and kids in school, shopping and wrapping there is never enough time.  Time to enjoy the family and friends, time enjoy the lights. I have been really struggling this year with Christmas. Struggling to find a balance of everything above. Struggling somehow someway to have money for gifts for my girls and my girlfriend. Not to mention the rest of my Family and friends. I am a very giving person, most of the time to much. So hard to do when I struggle everyday to make ends meet. I want so much for the ones I love to have the best Christmas ever. While I struggle inside with why, why do I have to struggle? I guess to make me the person I am today?
Today was the first time it felt like Christmas for and to me. After Church we went Caroling to shut ins that can’t make it to Church. It felt so amazing to see the smiles on their faces, the tears rolling down their faces. Tear of joy, that people would go out of the way to do good for them. Tears happiness that they are loved by other’s. The smiles we all saw today will always be in our hearts forever. The real true meaning of Christmas. To give to others as god gave us his son on Christmas. To want to give and not want. All to much Christmas has become a wanting from other’s of material things. I would take giving to someone rather than wanting anything. Most of the things people want and ask for, they don’t need. Love, caring, and compassion are some of the best gifts anyone could give to another person. I would take someone giving me these things over material possessions any day. I don’t need a new movie or video game to be happy. I want see other’s smiling from the love we give back. Those smiles and tears I gave and saw today are the greats gifts I could ask for. That is the true real meaning of Christmas.

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This was a very fun event for top to bottom.  No easy way to say it but boy did I shit the bed on my picks.  Could not tell you an event I picked this bad.  As I start tracking my picks here not looking to good, 3-13!  Yikes not good at all.  It will get better.

Big take away for me on the Prelims was the return of Tamden McCory.  Who was returning after a great run in Bellator.  His BJJ ground game is so fluid and sick.  Getting the submission win over a very game Josh Samman wo is now 11-3.  Tamden now 14-3 will look to make some waves in the Middleweight division. Nate Marquardt knocking out CB Dollaway was also a big shocker.  Who since his return to the UFC also he has had 6 fights, 4 of the 6 are KO losses.  So it was a shock to all the he put CB away who is always a top 15 fighter.  Everyone thought this would have been Nate’s last fight in the UFC if he lost again.  Will he keep winning fights, I do not see how.  He is very slow and old as a fighter.  It will be interesting to see who he gets next?

On the main card of FOX saw 3 underdogs cashing in.  Nate Diaz who lit up Michael Johnson who was a heavy betting favorite.  Are there any other fighters who are as fun to watch as The Diaz Brothers.  I am sure Fox and the UFC on be giving him the mic for a post fight speech anytime soon.  Karolina Kowalkiewicz in the women’s strawweight division got the UD win over Markos.  I really have no clue about Kowalkiewicz, I guess I will have to study up on her?  Alistair knocking out JDS is also a bit shocking.  JDS has had so many battles over the years versus former Champ Cain.  At some point the UFC has to look out for the fighters safety.  And another let down for myself, one of my favorites Cowboy getting knocked out too.  Cowboy is such a fan favorite always a let down when he loses.  He had such a streak going I thought it was his time for the belt.  He is another one who makes it to the top but can never get the gold. Much like all of Team Alpha Male. A lot of it I think with Cowboy is his head isn’t focused fighting 100%. Much respect to the champ RDA. I like most felt he wasn’t going hold the belt for long, but he looked very solid lastnight. Best way to keep the haters silent.
On to the next one, I will do better. I will have a winng record. Thoughts?

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Source: UFC ON FOX

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These are my picks for UFC on FOX.  My main card picks will all be correct.  But I have no clue who some of the under card is.  MMA is a passion for me.  As I have gotten older, life has gotten busier it has become harder to watch every event like I did in the past.  Fist

As I went through my divorce with my daughter’s mother, my life was falling a part. I was homeless sleeping in my truck at work. It was easier that being at a place where I was cheated on. I turned to my friends, they knew they needed to be there for me. I was in a very dark place. At times like this we find out who real friends are. They are the one’s at the time who go me hooked on MMA.
We would watch the PPV’s at my friends house. They would teach me about MMA. I was hooked. It was an outlet for me. A place for me to lose myself and my thoughts for a couple hours. To hang out with my real friends. They would listen to my problems and how I felt. It truly is what helped me through such a hard time in my life. I follow all MMA very closely. I watch as much as I can, I still love it. Some of it is watered down, but still love every fight for the most part. I even to my love of fight even further. I trained with a UFC fighter for a couple month a couple years ago. Was some of the happiest times of my life. Most of all because I was doing something for myself. That does not happen very often enough.

So I will post my picks here as often as I can. Maybe I will track my overall record. This has been fun telling how I came to love MMA. Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me.

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Facebook is sadly become a part of our everyday life and our culture.  What Zuckerberg created is amazing and sad at the same time.  Facebook has become a world where you can share pictures with family and friends all over the world.   You share what you or your kids are doing every day.  You connect with old high school classmates you haven’t thought about since graduation.  You search and search for an old “EX” to see what they are doing now.  Or see how you feel just to see there face again.  It is a great place to look up companies that you support to see all about them.  Seemingly Facebook more has become a place we look for attention, and still seek approval from classmates from high school.  Do I need to know then a “Freind” goes to dinner at Five Guys?  Do I need to know a “Friend” from high school bough a new sweater and they need our attention and approval over it.  But that is what most on Facebook use it for.


It has been about 8 months since I left Facebook.  I didn’t leave because I wanted to I left because at they time I had to.  They things I posted (pictures) were being used against me, in my personal life.  Facebook like and personal life are two very different things.  All to many think they are the same.  I thought I would miss connecting with people, I don’t.  I still connect with “Real Friends”.  Facebook is filled with drama people bring on themselves.   I myself do not need drama.  The real sad part is there are others who love this type of life.  They need Facebook to feel happy and need and crave the attention.   Sure I do miss somethings about it and some of the people.  If they were real “Friends” they would be in my real life, the ones who really care are.  So enjoy Facebook enjoy “Friends” just remember most of those “Friends” are fake and not your Friend!  As this is my first ever Blog please give me feed back.

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