Facebook is sadly become a part of our everyday life and our culture.  What Zuckerberg created is amazing and sad at the same time.  Facebook has become a world where you can share pictures with family and friends all over the world.   You share what you or your kids are doing every day.  You connect with old high school classmates you haven’t thought about since graduation.  You search and search for an old “EX” to see what they are doing now.  Or see how you feel just to see there face again.  It is a great place to look up companies that you support to see all about them.  Seemingly Facebook more has become a place we look for attention, and still seek approval from classmates from high school.  Do I need to know then a “Freind” goes to dinner at Five Guys?  Do I need to know a “Friend” from high school bough a new sweater and they need our attention and approval over it.  But that is what most on Facebook use it for.


It has been about 8 months since I left Facebook.  I didn’t leave because I wanted to I left because at they time I had to.  They things I posted (pictures) were being used against me, in my personal life.  Facebook like and personal life are two very different things.  All to many think they are the same.  I thought I would miss connecting with people, I don’t.  I still connect with “Real Friends”.  Facebook is filled with drama people bring on themselves.   I myself do not need drama.  The real sad part is there are others who love this type of life.  They need Facebook to feel happy and need and crave the attention.   Sure I do miss somethings about it and some of the people.  If they were real “Friends” they would be in my real life, the ones who really care are.  So enjoy Facebook enjoy “Friends” just remember most of those “Friends” are fake and not your Friend!  As this is my first ever Blog please give me feed back.


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